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Cha Script

In 2014, A group of computer science students from North South University took the initiative to build an educational programming language. They introduced “Cha Script”, the first-ever programming language (more precisely, scripting language) completely in Bangla.

To put it merely, forget English. Everything is entirely in Bangla. This makes it much easier for young students who were interested in computer programming but had to hold back their talents due to limited language proficiency. This programming language helped the local talent to experience programming on a whole new platform.

It was a great attempt. But it is not available now. ChaScript was designed as a learning platform for computer programming. It builds with ECMA Script grammar and parsed using JISON JavaScript parser.



Potaka is the first-ever programming language in Bangla for kids and beginners. It has been created by a group of programmers in 2016 and has been unveiled at the event by the IT firm Joomshaper. Ikrum Hossain, a software engineer is the man behind the idea. At the launching event, Ikrum Hossain described how the inspiration for Potaka came to him from the difficulties he faced in learning programming from outside Dhaka. Ikrum and the other programmers contributing to Potaka pointed out that not understanding the English language was a big part of why many students were afraid of programming.

The language can be seen at The website contains an editor with syntax highlighting, built-in Avro phonetic typing, and autocomplete functions. It also hosts some learning games that the developers hope will make it enjoyable for young learners to pick up the language. The website features an editor with syntax highlighting, built-in Avro phonetic typing, and autocomplete functions. Also added are some learning games which might make it easier for young learners to comprehend the language better.


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